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Mini Fennis £34.00
Mini Poppy £34.00

Mini Barbara


The hardworking Barbara, the owner of the key to the Land of Dreams, always attracts children because of her unmatched cuteness. Barbara is an enthusiastic guide who helps children to take care of their rooms and makes them neat and tidy.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 15 x 16 x 10cm

Color: white, brown
Material: 100% Premium Acrylic
European Standard EN-71 for toy safety.

Products are made entirely by hand, with the sophistication in the design lines, through the skillful hands of skilled craftsmen. We are proud to create handicraft products of the highest artistic value with our enthusiasm.

This item: Mini Barbara
£34.00 £32.30
1 × Mini Poppy
£34.00 £33.32
1 × Chubby Barbara
£64.00 £62.72
1 × Mini Lizzie
£34.00 £33.32
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🧐How to find such a friend for babies? Cute, eye-catching, high quality and safe…, there are so many criteria to consider.

We all know the importance of a friend, most probably the 1st one in a baby’s life, who does everything that the baby wants to do. A friend with whom a baby grows up every day, talks anything and cuddles anytime.
Yes, we’re talking about plushies!
😍At Skyryy, we understand your needs and we have what you’re looking for. We have lions, sheep, kangaroos plushies (and many more) with super cute designs that are suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. All our plushies have reasonable sizes and can be carried with by babies in any family trip. Cleaning them using washing machine is also easy since they are all hand-knitted.
😍Our plushies comply to EN-71 Standard for toy safety in Europe. Being hand-made from high quality wool, babies can hold, hug, even chew them without affecting their health.
😍We make our plushies with love and care. Pick one and give you kid the best gift!

– When washing using a washing machine, remember to put it in a laundry bag.
– When hand-washing, don’t use brushes to prevent the surface to get ruffled.
– Leave it to air dry by putting it under the sunlight. Can use the cool setting of hair dryer for spot drying.

Made in association with BobiCraft


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