More than just a dolly
A trusted friend for children

Children always have a strong curiosity that urges them to keep exploring their surrounding. Throughout that journey, every child needs a friend to accompany him or her, to share all the extraordinary stories and discoveries.
By understanding this, we, a young couple, long for giving every child such a friend. We founded Skyryy with a wish that every dolly we create will become an unforgettable part of the childhood of the kid it belongs to. A toy can mean the world to a child, and when one dolly of ours does, it’s one dream come true to us.

Hand-knitted with ♥

All of our dollies are hand-knitted meticulously by our artisans with great care and love.

Quality and Safe

All of our products meet the European EN-71 standard for toy safety.

Lovely Looking

We strongly believe that kids will love our dollies at first sight!


Not only being great gifts for children, our dollies allow us to support our artisans, the majority of whom are housewives in developing countries.